All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix Experience | Guitar Lesson

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Learn how to play All Along the Watchtower, as performed by Jimi Hendrix recorded in 1968 and released on the Electric Ladyland album.

The lesson covers each of the solo guitar sections from the intro through outro. There is so much variety to each section, Jimi was a master and we all can only aspire to reach to try to reproduce his greatness, but alas fall short 🙂 .

00:00 Demo of a couple solos
00:34 Introduction and what to expect
01:55 Getting your tone & tuning
04:40 Acoustic chord voicings
05:29 Lesson – Song intro lead
07:25 Lesson – Solo after 1st verse
10:06 Lesson – Solo after 2nd verse
13:00 Lesson – Slide solo
18:22 Lesson – Wah Wah solo
22:48 Lesson – treble chord solo
25:10 Lesson – Outro solo
29:11 Final Thoughts

Gear used in this video (if you purchase via these links I will earn a small commission):

Boss DD7 Delay – Elevel & feedback 10 0’clock, Dtime 2 o’clock Mode 3200ms
Fulltone Ultimate Octave Fuzz – Vol 10 o’clock; Tone 9 o’clock, Fuzz 10 o’clock (fat switch setting)
Recommended fuzz for Jimi – Dunlop Fuzzface
TC Elec. Hall of Fame Reverb:






listairgin says:

Brilliant lesson and demo! Thanks once again TFC! 🌠🌅🌌👌

Andre Thrift says:

Good job 👍

Moose says:

Once again 🙈 spot on and we’ll explained. Thanks 👍🏻

JON Gergeceff says:

Thank you. Subscribed and hit the bell . One of my bucket list lead guitar parts like Jimi

Nobody Important says:

I am on a 6-string chain 😣

Phillip Riggins says:

Great lesson video, thanks for making this video

KARLW16 says:

Can you please do a lesson on horizontal departure by Robert Plant it’s good electric guitar song to learn

Keef says:

Many teachers claim “note for note” on how to play a song, but never cover it completely. You sir are the closest to Jimi I have heard for this song, particularly when you play the solo. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Cheers! 👍👍

Bob's Barn Workshop says:

I’ve been playing that song since it came out! I always like to see other guys versions and always pick up some extra tips to add to it! Thanks!

Kenneth Reid says:

Best Song of all time and best lesson also.

The Human Riff says:

Best lesson on this song. Thank you sir!

Lee McDaid - Donegal says:

This bloody song has driven me nuts for a lifetime ha ha! Honestly, it's only recently that I've been able to correctly hear the intro (starts on the "and" of beat 3) without the aid of a drum track/count-in from a play-along track or demo track.
The next worst offender is The Who's Magic Bus (Jasus!!!!, I have a very strong Love/Hate relationship with that song Ha ha!) … and of course there is Deep Purple's "Maybe I'm a Leo" which seems to morph into a completely different riff at the 13 second mark?!? I actually love that though, both riffs sound fantastic! (I hear the intro as starting on the "down" beat of one, but then the correct riff appears to me at the 13 second mark as actually starting on the "and" of beat one!)

Anyway, enough of that twaddle,; Fantastic work as always, Mr. Chain!

cdavidlake2 says:

First like! An honor, sir…

Shakey Blues says:

Nice one 12 Foot Chain ♪♫♪♫♪

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