90% Of Guitarists Struggle With TIMING… (until they do THIS!)

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Today we check out the most important guitar exercise concept: how to work on your timing with daily exercises. Get the tabs, guitar pro files, and backing tracks for this exercise here: http://www.patreon.com/bernth

Most guitarists completely neglect timing and rhythm in their practice routines and think of boring rhythm exercises when the topic is mentioned. It’s a common misconception that timing is only important for riffs and rhythm playing, your shreds need to be tight as well! Today’s exercise will greatly help you with that 🙂

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BERNTH says:

Get the tabs, guitar pro files, and backing tracks for this exercise here: http://www.patreon.com/bernth – happy practicing 🙂

cool boy says:

the cuts sound like a game show lmao..

cedricBUNKERTON says:

Thanks for the advice, just bought the alternate picking t-shirt from your merch to remind me what the instructions are 🎸🎸🎸

vlad_22110 says:


Alperen Sentürk says:

I habs ma denkt, dass du a österreicher bist, aber der Red Bull Kühlschrank gab mir den Rest 😀 grandioses Video thank you very much

Phryge says:

He hit that solo in the intro, and I was like "oh hell, yeah, good shit bernth". Then the Red X came up and I was like "come on mate what are you doing here?" o_____0

Luka Balta says:

aside of guitar skills and helping… you my sir create really exciting videos i felt like im watching a movie…. litteraly haha

Denis Roy says:

These simple exercises are quite effective for left-hand right-hand coordination, and timing! Thanks!

Markus-Hermann Koch says:

If the melody is bam-bam-bam-…-bam, and is committed to muscle memory properly, then my confidence level (warranted or not) rises to the sky. It is only when someone starts asking for 'bam-di-bam-bam-di-diddel-diddel-BUM(!)', that all starts crashing down around me.

Tim Lippert says:

I hope you never get arthritis. It would be a shame to humanity. Your album is incredible diverse and interesting

Pierre Lacoste says:


Shenal Fernando says:

Best way to improve guitar playing speed. Bernth.🎸

Wargasm644 says:

Thanks Bernth! Maybe now I can stop sounding like Kerry King 🤣

Dogger1230 says:

Confusing lesson

I’m probably going to become a member at patreon

Louis Gole says:

Yes best teacher. Whenever I’m stuck or something I’m playing doesn’t feel right, I rewatch your videos and you always seem to have the answer. Keep up the good work 👍

frederick rohrbacher says:

I agree with that!

Anup Weerasinghe says:

What a wonderful demonstration. This guy is a genius. I'm totally in for this.. "Subscribed" 💪😍

Indian Oceon says:

Very good teacher

Kevin Courville says:

I've downloaded every video I could have with my youtube premium account. I go through them when I practice

Mad Mix says:

F***k.. i'm french….

Wingnut Mcspazatron says:

I must suck with it cus that first demo sounded perfectly fine to me 😣

Di says:

can you tell on more slow and close on string left hand motion

SteadyMcShredson says:

This dude is extremely talented. The only down side to watching his videos is that just when I think to myself, "you're getting pretty good!", he plays something insanely fast and clean and I immediately realize I still suck.

Brandon Pierce says:

Does the patreon cater to people brand new to electric that may only know a few chords? I’ve been using Justin guitar but I’d like a different perspective without breaking the bank.

Nezib C.R says:

Soy nuevo en el canal, pero por mucho es uno de los mejores maestros en YouTube. Lo que enseña en sus vídeos es lo que muchos enseñan solo de manera de pago.

Excelentes vídeos en todo sentido. Saludos desde Honduras…

M.A.K says:

Your appearance looks rough, but the way you speak and explain u r so smart and humble, i love that❤️❤️❤️

Kyle Mullikin says:

Bernth – the real AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE. Alles liebe man!

Carlos Mendez says:

Your practice exercises are awesome man! I've been doing a few of your other videos for the last 2 weeks and I have noticed a crazy improvement on my picking and accuracy. Best challenging and practical practice routines I have ever seen in a video! Keep it up, I'll be joining your patreon to support the cause. Can't wait to see what's next!

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