5 Shred Guitar Exercises to Practice Everyday

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Here are some short patterns that you can use to get faster. More importantly, and you hear me say this a lot, expand on these patterns.

Add your own notes, take some away, and play these exercises in different places throughout the fretboard. See what you can come up with.

You’re playing several methods here and my goal for you is to use these methods and concepts we talk about in the lesson to keep developing your own style of lead playing.

***Here’s the sweep picking course I mentioned by Alfred Potter:

Lesson Timeline:
00:00 – 00:37 – Intro
00:38 – 02:32 – Shred exercise 1
02:33 – 04:55 – Shred exercise 2
04:56 – 08:02 – Shred exercise 3
08:03 – 11:00 – Shred exercise 4
11:01 – 13:18 – Shred exercise 5
13:19 – 13:48 – Shroedder Marksman 87
13:49 – 17:05 – Guitar Chat

Oh, and hang around for our Guitar Chat at the end of the lesson. There are more tips that can help you develop your own style of shredding and playing guitar solos, in general.

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Hey does anyone know what type of guitar that is?

DeathOrGlory says:

Jason, thank you for everything what you are doing on this channel, it's very useful! Could you please make a video about how to play with drums playing the guitar? I think it is a crucial topic!

The Young Upstarts says:

I may be old and crusty, but vids like this keeps me from getting rusty.

Capn Cook says:

Thanks dude 🔥🔥🔥

Ahmad Azam says:

Thank you sir..I love you to be your student..

Hilless. says:

You are the reason I got back playing metal you motivate me and give the videos you make give me a positive vibe I appreciate you man ❤️

Sienna Garcia says:

What happened to the new Jackson 🎸?

Slambodian Jones says:

Great you got me into practicing sweeps again. I definitely agree that pause is super effective right after a speed burst like that in music. It also seems to help me piece my sweep together to build consistent speed by being able to see what it feels like to shred it going one direction. Just gotta keep that metronome going and incrementally + it up! m/ Cheers dude

Rich says:

Awesome video yet again uncle Jason

Adrian Runningaround says:

wow this is something that I can actually play!!

Lucien Aeon says:

I'm really looking forward your lead course, I enjoyed riff master a lot 😉

spirogyra says:

Dude, believe me. Jason's "metal guitar apprentice" class helped me jump from beginner to intermediate. I was so stuck and he helped me break out of that rut, it's well worth it.

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