5 Guitar Exercises That Changed My Life | Tabs & Tutorial & Tips


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Intro: (0:00)
Exercise 1: (2:06)
Exercise 2: (6:44)
Exercise 3: (9:39)
Exercise 4: (13:30)
Exercise 5: (18:02)
Outro: (22:59)

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Sophie Burrell says:

Hey everyone! It's been such a long time since I posted any tutorials on my YouTube channel, so I really hope that you enjoy this video and the exercises! 🎸
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Nelson Tony says:


dino croes says:

Hi Sophie waw your really beautiful wish can play but already to old for that

Ot Ratsaphong says:

Great lesson, Sophie 👍 Saw your course on TrueFire a few months ago but was beyond me, but I thought you were a good teacher. These exercises will help a lot. Thank you 👍😍🦘

The House of Ronin says:

I've been following your channel for a while and I really appreciate that you offer these kinds of tutorials. As a novice player that's been dabbling for a long time; these kinds of exercises really just bridge the gap to help me to change things up

Vladimir Yushkevych says:

Hello Sophie, Thank you for the beautiful exercises. It's so rare to find our days.

TheCrucialOne says:

Thank you sooo much Sophie!!

roberto cubilla says:

Hola mi amorsito hola mi barby no te preocupes por mi. Mi amor. Esta todo bien @

Chris Covino Music says:

Awesome video Sophie!! The 3rd one was super cool!! Much love to you!!🎶🎶🧡🧡🎶🎶

TheAnimeist says:

Thank you for sharing these exercises. I just have to get it into my head to practice with the metronome all the time.

Evil Mitch Guitar says:

Thank you Sophie 🙏

roberto cubilla says:

Hola sofia cuanto a mi ex novia ya no tengo nada que ver ella me fue infiel y por eso lo deje. Pero ella quiere volver y yo no y hella tiene su novio y yo te quiero avos y anadie mas.chau.mi amor. Te amo

roberto cubilla says:

Hola sofi hola mi barby.como estas. Sos una muy buena persona.te agradesco todo losque estas hasiendo pormi.y te pido disculpa por todo los problemas causado. Saludo mi barby te quiero mucho.Roberto.

Сергей Проценко says:

Girl of Dream

john webb says:

Fantastic tutorial. Thanks very much Sophie. Check out this band Ian Moss on guitar youtube. Cold
Chisel- Wild Colonial Boy [live at the playroom] Best regards. john.

Mike Stroud says:

Thanks 😎👍👌💯✔️🎸🎸

Hwawi Phone says:

Tu es malheureuse

Scott Hart says:

My PRSs are cool but I’m getting tired of the birds. I’m gonna get a custom with pigeons. 😂

ViKingZZ says:

It's weird but I think it's much easier for me to learn from a woman cause her beauty and skill just demands attention.I would love to learn from Zakk Wylde or Andy James but the fact is they just don't look as nice as her.

ViKingZZ says:

Is that a Paul Reed Smith guitar? Beautiful ..but not as much as you!

Samar_theoriginal says:

Are you single??? Asking for a friend.

Linz Kirk says:

Great vid, nice exercises. Im sure the 1st one you can apply to any 2 strings, g&b for d&g or example. Great way of breaking out of playing 5 boxes of pentatonic. The last one is great, so satisfying to play. I have Saved this vid to replay and practice, and subscribed too..

Pablo Figueroa says:

When are you going to play some aerosmith?

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