4 basic chords, 22 songs on ukulele


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I play 22 songs on ukulele using only 4 basic easy chords!

uke that i play (sunset uke): https://flightmusic.com/eliseecklund/

MERCH: https://elise-ecklund-2.creator-spring.com
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/eliseecklund/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EliseEcklund
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/eliseecklund

Big thanks to my patrons who support me and help make these videos possible! Thank you JJBA, Bujju, Joseph Neira, Mar Dacy, Lavender, Mitch, Ray Wood, Joshua Doering, JMCandleClock, Andrew Souther, Martin Fiebig, Jake Shapiro, Tom Knackstedt, Jake Gonzalez, Nathanael Swenson, Jim Klodzen, RuhTheFerret, Donald Blevins, Valérie Trépanier, Jillian Slinger, Michael Eubanks, Zaq, Fallon Alastair, Patrick Streil, Joshua Emmel, and Josh Geiple.

Business inquiries: elise.ecklund@outlook.com


Kirti Khande says:

Strumming patter

Sara Garza says:

Yussss thanks for the chords on the corner so I can practice along

Véronique Bégin says:

Wow you are very talented!!! I'm your fan xx

Victoria Morales says:

Someone you loved is one of my favs

Who Knows says:

I absolutely love this. It has taught me the basics of the ukulele! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this.

cassiraffe says:

does anyone know the strum pattern?


Woooow that’s sooo awesome 😮

Super lina says:

My favourite song is seniorita by shawn mendes feat. Camilla cabello

craftrunner says:

Awesome video..great teacher love the voice and playing

Sashank Thapa says:

Am c f g

Tommy Owens says:

Great singing voice. I would pay to listen to you sing. Not these other crap bands. The majority of singers need the electronic devices to make them sound better. Otherwise, they sound like they are yelling while hacking up gravel.

Diana Recker says:

Well done😁

makayla rae says:

These sound great but what’s the strumming pattern??? My mind can’t process it 😂😂

15k_summerxvolley says:

This Is amazing wth

윤아 says:

What's the strumming pattern?????

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