3 Beautiful Melodic Mateus Asato Licks – Guitar Lesson – With Tab


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Now I’ve been following Mateus for a few years now, but I haven’t done any lessons about him, because he’s just such a damn good player, that I was always a bit intimated. These Licks found in his piece of music called ,,Crying In A Loop” are so beautiful, that I wanted to share them with you, the best to my ability. I hope you enjoy!

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Gear that was being used:
Guitar: MiM Roadworn Strat
Guitar FX Plugin: Archetype Cory Wong
Pedals: None
Cable: Mogami SilentPlug
Strings: Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Strings
Picks: Dunlop 1.14mm

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Intro 00:00
Preview: 00:25
Lick 1: 01:04
Lick 2: 03:02
Lick 3: 07:08
Outro: 09:45




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