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View My Lesson List here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yl-9l8oltAnR48EB_i6cN5GpDyYKZyLrWOYyfgw4Kt8/edit?usp=sharing
Join me in this comprehensive guide to mastering the art of bending notes while playing guitar. In this video, I delve into the intricacies of the bend, exploring the profound impact it can have on your musical expression. From understanding the emotional depth it adds to your compositions to learning [Meer]
In this video, I show you and tell you how to switch chords while playing the ukulele. Once you have learned how to play all of the basic ukulele chords, you can witch between them rather easily if you have the right instructions to follow along with. I tried to [Meer]
Sing When We Were Young by Adele and play the ukulele using this ukulele play along video. Easy strumming, easy to follow, ukulele chords and lyrics available. Enjoy! #ukulele #ukuleleplayalong #ukulelecover #uke
Basic 4 String Ukulele Chords – Chord C#m (Dbm)
Welcome to my course! My name is Stephen, and I have been teaching #Ukulele for ten years. My course has five levels, where I take students from playing with one finger on each hand through to learning scales, chords, fingerpicking and strumming using classic songs and melodies. On the final [Meer]
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🎸 The rhythm track, as well as the awesome overdrive, is provided by my ancient Digitech RP-200A effects-amp modeling pedal….👍 🔥 AND VIEWERS…..Please come by and check out my ORIGINAL DESIGN BRICK AND CINDER HYBRID ROCKET STOVE…..It’s simply the BEST WAY to cook and boil water 💦 when the power’s [Meer]
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