18 Mar. 2017 l Facebook Live l Tommy Emmanuel

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This Facebook Live was recored on March 16, 2017 outside of Lodz, Poland. Tommy plays songs, answers questions, and even discusses nail care, guitar strings, and tuners. Songs include: It’s Never Too Late, Only Elliot, Ruby’s Eyes, T.E. Ranch (with a metronome), and Mombasa.

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bernt johansson says:

Lovely tune

Клуб довольных жизнью says:

Shine like a sun 😀. Thx.

Jussi says:

Thank you for all you've done Tommy! I thought it wouldn't be possible, but I've got Halfway Home's verse down now… at 50% speed… but I'm getting there! Thanks!

Леха Турбо says:

мой учитель

Garage71_АВТОПОКРАСКА_ says:

Единственный гитарист который играет легко и без лажи. Большинство просто сильно стараются и слушать не приятно ) Сам учился по классике. Респект. Tommy Респект.

The Gram says:

You play both ways- left or right no matter?

기타줄 says:

토미옹 날 가져요😍

Kadarisman Rivai says:

Why are you old? 😭

Steve Corbett says:


Pigeoncatcher says:

throws glasses… classic Tommy. The world needs more of your energy

Trevor Judge says:

Who would have thought – totally ambidextrous… love your playing, Tommy, inspirational! PS you played drums for a set for my band one Tuesday night at The All Nations Club in 1983… fresh from NZ I thought you were a local drummer… little did I know…

Vladimir Kaukin says:

i need double like func


Gid stuff Tommy,was at your gig in Glasgow last year,it was superb.Come to Edinburgh soon as I can’t travel to far,even for the main man.

vibratingstring says:

Tony channeling his inner Hendrix.

jwparsons1 says:

Goood to see you Tommy

Маз Кразов says:

Что-то красавчег👍👍👍

ken morley says:

An unsung hero as far as the general public is concerned but I think he is the business .

Piotr Kuleczka says:

Kurcze Tommy jest w Polsce a ja znowu nie mogę iść na koncert. Pech…

The Button says:

Thank you again,Tommy . . . it's so good to see you showing everyone what can be done with a love of music. .. . and a lifetime of hard , hard work , every day . . . I have no right , but as a fellow Aussie, I'm so proud of you, and I wish more people knew of your joyful virtuosity

david says:


Luigi Cannizzo says:

Beatyfull Moment. .. Thank' s so Much " Maestro " T. E. .. Nice One … 😊😀😁/💙💚💛/👍👌👏


Did Tommy switch for being a left-handed guitarist now?

B Gercom says:

What a nice quiet chat with the fans. Thank you Tommy

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