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0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Lick 1
3:43 – Lick 2
8:58 – Lick 3
13:57 – Lick 4
17:32 – Lick 5
20:36 – Conclusion

Lick 1 – The Anticipation – Ted Ludwig
30 Jazz 2-5-1 Licks You MUST Know – https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/30-jazz-251-licks/c1737
The Anticipation actually approaches the V7alt chord a few beats early. In this line, Ted starts playing over the altered tension dominant 7 on beat 3 of the 1st measure. This stretches the tension and makes the line more effective.
Get the tab, notation, and jam track for this lesson here: https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/30-jazz-251-licks/the-anticipation-jazz-251-lick-24/v60579

Lick 2 – Some Subs and Dims, Please – Sheryl Bailey
50 Essential Bebop Licks You Must Know – https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/50-essential-bebop-licks/c248
Our favorite chord substitution reappears here, but this time using a Cmin6 shape over the Amin7b5, and the symmetrical diminished scale over the D7.
Get the tab, notation, and jam track for this lesson here: https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/50-essential-bebop-licks/some-subs-and-dims-please-lick-45/v1631

Lick 3 – Mo Mobley – David Hamburger
50 Jazz-Blues Guitar Licks You Must Know – https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/50-jazz-blues-licks/c106
With plenty of time on each chord of the turnaround, this lick takes the idea of the bebop dominant 7th scale to its logical conclusion, descending for a full-octave over the V chord and partway into the IV before climbing back up the scale and landing on some blues moves at the return to the I. It’s as good a metaphor as any for Mobley’s general outlook: nimble execution of the changes, shot through with blues sensibilities, and all of it cleverly folded into some kind of twist or another on the usual forms and progressions.
Get the tab, notation, and jam track for this lesson here: https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/50-jazz-blues-licks/mo-mobley-lick-48/v4130

Lick 4 – Pushing the Minor ii V – Fareed Haque
30 Beginner Jazz Guitar Licks You Must Know – https://truefire.com/beginner-guitar-lessons/30-jazz-licks/c1004
This is another of our licks that sounds complex, but as you break it down it gets easier to understand. Each chord, just like our diminished scale in Lick #25, uses a “leading tone” to each chord, which is just the note 1/2 step, 1 fret, below the root of each chord. The lick walks up to the root of the next chord – A7 – using once again the leading tone, or the note 1 fret below the root to make it happen, then up the A7 arpeggio with a turn on the b9 and #9 (Bb and C), and a walk down back to the 3rd, and surprise!, ends on the 6th of Dm.
Get the tab, notation, and jam track for this lesson here: https://truefire.com/beginner-guitar-lessons/30-jazz-licks/pushing-the-minor-ii-v-lick-26/v33480

Lick 5 – Smokin’ Flurry – Frank Vignola
30 Smokin’ Jazz Guitar Licks You Must Know – https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/30-smokin-licks/c1152
This lick uses a flat 9 flurry over a 2-5-1 in E minor. The lick starts with a simple phrase, then some space ending with a flurry of notes in the flat 9 tonal center.
Get the tab, notation, and jam track for this lesson here: https://truefire.com/jazz-guitar-lessons/30-smokin-licks/smokin-flurry-lick-23/v40111

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