🎸 How to Use a Metronome – Guitar Lesson – Tommy Emmanuel

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Nic Kefgen says:

I’ve not used a metronome yet but I’ve got one now, I’ve been playing for 30 years, playing the blues mostly started with playing the slow stuff and working up to the faster stuff. I like B B king, Buddy guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn,

PentaTonic Music Academy says:

Very Helpful 👏👏

JustNik says:

I cant believe Lars is still employed

Jeff Matthew says:

Tasteful! 💪🏾

Michael Di Nunzio says:

Great stuff!

Mark Gardiner says:


Alex Ramsey says:

Cheers mate!

Lueneburger says:

Practice with a Metronom in slow tempo, ( 40 bits per Minute) is like "Superlearning"!

charles allan says:

Set the metronome to 60 BPM. Clap on the beat. The metronome will appear to be silent. It isn't. Then do the same at 40 BPM.

Inventor says:

Wim Winters demostrated that we've been listening at double speed all the classical music. we understood bad the metronome. 2 clicks indicates two halves.

Midnight Austin says:

I have been slacking with metronome practice i will go back now

Rob Harris says:

Time is not a magazine, how true is that !!

Netski 1400 says:

Aside from the metronome stuff, about Tommy’s improvisation… wow 💯💯💯. Wish I could have that skill too haha!

Nelson Coy says:

Tommy is the best! Im glad he is doing better!

greenyblu says:

this is one of the things i have struggled most with, until this day. having an internal clock is hard stuff. i have been able to lock time like a machine, but i feel that i get there only after hours of practice. i often practice with the tempo at half speed so it only clicks on beat 2 and 4. also, there are some metronomes that go quiet for some bars and then come back, like the one of justin guitar. quite challenging but it definitely helps. i would love to just be able to lock in, like some people seem able to do innately (hendrix, van halen, peter green).. without no effort. so jealous.

DavidT says:

If YOU recommend playing with a metronome (along with the people you mention), then I’m thinking anyone serious about developing their chops, should be, as well! From the very first time I heard you, I have been Blown Away by your skill. Play On, Tommy! Stay Safe! 👍🎸✌️😎

Jon MacLennan says:

PREACH! Love it!

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